Welcome to the Wolfpack Loyalty program designed for our loyal customers, everyone of our loyal customers will have the opportunity to gain these rewards. In the past have you been fed up with having to spend money online and having to spend a high-volume just to save some money on your 100th order? Well, that will all change with GW Atelier's Wolfpack Loyalty program! You will now be able to save on every order providing you reach the required amount for each level. To do this we are offering a tiered level of rewards which are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Through time and with your continued loyalty and support you will be able to progress through the different tiers of rewards.

 Reward Tiers How to get there Spend Discount
Bronze Total combined spend on all orders £100 5% For details see BRONZE section below
Silver Total combined spend on all orders £500 7.5% For details see SILVER section below
Gold Total combined spend on all orders £1000 10% For details see GOLD Section Below


As soon as all your orders amount to the value of £100.00 you will be added to the Bronze tier. This tier will entitle you to 5% discount on all future orders with no minimum spend required on any additional orders to get your discount. You will receive a Wolfpack Loyalty card with your qualifying order which will include your membership number, this number will also be your discount code that you will need to use during checkout on all future orders. This number will be unique to you and your personnel details so that only you can use it.


You have now made it to silver which means that you have continued to show your loyalty to the Wolfpack by placing enough orders with the combined value of £500 and here you will be rewarded with your silver membership which will entitle you to 7.5% discount on all future orders regardless of the value of your order. You will automatically be added to the Silver tier after you have reached the qualifying spend.


You’ve done it and reached the Gold tier, which is the highest you can reach which means you have spent a combined total of £1000.00 on all past orders. in this level you gain a total of 10% discount on every future order regardless of order value. This is a lifetime discount with no expiry date.


Q & A

Please read the Questions and Answers below to ensure you fully understand how to progress through the Wolfpack reward levels.

Do I need an account with GW Atelier to be in the Wolfpack?

Yes you will require an account, without an account our system we have will not be able to automatically qualify and reward you as move you through the reward tiers.

I have placed 2 orders with you one for £60.00 and the order for £50.00 a total of £110.00 but I have not received my 5% discount on my second order, why?

You will not receeive your discount on your second order as this would be your qualifying order. when this order is shipped to you it will contain all the information and your discount card/number. You will be able to use your discount on your third order after you have received your Wolfpack welcome pack.

I had spent £490 on all my previous orders and on this order, I spent £40 which is a total of £530 and brings me into the Silver level but I only received 5% discount why was it not 7.5%?

With this order you would remain on the Bronze level. Now that you have entered into the silver level any order placed after this would entitle you to Silver level benefits. You will automatically be added to the Silver level after your qualifying order ready for your next purchase.

I have reached the Bronze level for how long will my membership number / discount code be valid for?

There is no expiry date as you are a Wolfpack member now and your discount will be valid on all orders until you progress to the next level and receive even better rewards.

I am a Gold level member is there an expiry date on my discount benefits?

Unlike other loyalty programs that have an expiry date on your points, our program is a lifetime membership and you keep your benefits for discount on all orders placed in the future.

What are the benefits of being in the Wolfpack?

Not only will you be receiving great products with generous discounts to reward your loyalty as a Wolfpack member you will also be given first access to limited edition items that are only available through our online store.

How will access to limited edition items be granted for pre-order to the different levels?

We will publish to members when an item will be live, this item will be on a locked page on the site that only members will have access to. It will work in the following way.


1500 hrs GMT access will be granted to Gold Members

1600 hrs GMT access available for Silver Members

1700 hrs GMT access granted to bronze members.


1800 hrs access will be granted to all others who are not members should there be any figures still available.

Note: Don't worry we will send out reminder emails for each reward levels prior to the page being unlocked.

I forgot to enter my discount code during checkout can you refund me the discount that I should have had?

Unfortunately not, we will provide you with all the details for you to obtain the discounts on your orders, it will be your responsibility to ensure that you enter them during checkout. In addition to that the order value will still go towards you reaching the next reward level.

I have lost my card and can’t remember my membership number can you issue me with a new card?

Yes, we can! Unfortunately, there is a £10.00 administration fee to provide this and you will also be responsible for the delivery cost of the card. A new membership now will be provided and your previously lost card will become void.

I gave my discount code to a friend so they could place an order, but it didn’t work.

This is against our terms and conditions and is something you shouldn’t do. The system is designed so that each membership/discount number is allocated to an individual person and their details that we hold on file for them so that it prevents fraudulent use of the rewards program.

Note: Any attempt to pass on your discount code will result in you loosing your membership discount.

Will you be offering any additional discounts on your website for others who are not members.

We want to make our membership levels exclusive to each of our loyal members. Wolfpack members have earned their discount benefits and it’s only fair that they should shop without concerns that there will be many other discounts available to none members throughout the year. The only exception to this is that we reserve the right to offer discounts on Black Friday and on pre-orders.

Can I use my discount code on an discounted pre-order item?.

You can only use your discount code on in stock items, pre-orders will be discounted so you can still take advantage of our savings on pre-orders. We will be offering discounts on pre-orders so we can gauge how many figures we need to order and as a means of generating new custom.